How Do Donations Work?

Donations of non-perishable food may be dropped off at the Pantry located on the grounds of St. John The Baptist Catholic Church  315 North Constitution Avenue
New Freedom, PA 17349

Monetary Donations: Checks should be made out to “SYC Pantry” and please mail checks/gift cards donations to the following address:

SYC Pantry
P.O. Box #8
Shrewsbury, PA 17361

 ALERT: All you Amazon users log in under Amazon Smile and select SYC Pantry as your charity, Amazon will donate  0.5% of all you purchase to the Pantry.

Donations of non-perishable food products may be dropped off at the Pantry in the clothing bank garage which is open until 8 pm daily. The garage may be accessed by pushing the black button on the garage door. Please place the donations on the shelves inside the garage and close the door. A Pantry volunteer will move the donations into the Pantry the next day. If you leave a note for us, we will document who and what organization gave the donation.

Please, never leave fresh food or frozen food in the garage. Please call the Pantry at 717-235-6370 if you have fresh or frozen food to donate, and we will contact you to arrange for a volunteer to meet you at the Pantry.

You may also call the Pantry and ask for a pick-up or ask for a volunteer to meet you at the Pantry to help with your donation.

All donations are used to service those in need in community we serve.